Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture Database

NEW: Upcoming databases that will open for submission in 2019:
Medical Office: September 3-October 21
SOPS™ Trademark Facilities that submit to the databases must follow AHRQ Guidelines Regarding Use of the SOPS Name

Many medical offices using the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™ (SOPS™) Medical Office Survey have expressed interest in comparing their results to other medical offices. In response, AHRQ has established the Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture Database. This database is a central repository for survey data from medical offices that have administered the AHRQ patient safety culture survey instrument.

Definition of a Medical Office

  • A medical office is an outpatient facility in a specific location.
  • Each medical office located in a building containing multiple medical offices is considered a separate medical office.
  • Providers in a single medical office should share administrative and clinical support staff.

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance on data submission, email or call 1-888-324-9790.